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Making Waves and Memories: Recapping the 6th Annual Swim and Paddle the South River Event

We’re still riding the waves of excitement from the 6th Annual Swim and Paddle the South River event that unfolded on October 1st! This year’s event, hosted by Crossing Currents Aquatics, was a testament to the power of community, inclusivity, and a shared passion for making a positive impact.

A group of people stand by the waters edge

This year, Live Water Foundation had the incredible honor of being one of the beneficiaries, alongside our friends at the Arundel Rivers Federation. The event, which is self-paced and noncompetitive, truly embodies the inclusive spirit we strive for at Live Water Foundation. By breaking away from rigid time limits, Swim and Paddle the South River opens doors for swimmers of all levels to join in and make a difference.

Thank You Crossing Currents Aquatics, the Architects of Swim and Paddle the South River

Before we dive deeper into the heart of our experience, we’re taking a moment to recognize and extend our deepest gratitude to Crossing Currents Aquatics. They are the visionaries behind this remarkable event, and we owe the success of the day to their dedication. If you or someone you know is looking for youth or adult swim lessons, we wholeheartedly recommend considering Crossing Currents Aquatics. Their commitment to creating an event that welcomes swimmers of all levels is reflective of their broader mission to make swimming accessible to everyone.


Waves of Joy and Inclusivity: A Recap of the Day

On the left, two paddle boards lay on the grass next to a dock. On the right, a group of swimmers prepare to enter the water.

From start to finish, the 6th Annual Swim and Paddle the South River event was a day to remember. Thirty participants, ranging from experienced swimmers to first-timers, gathered to embrace the self-paced and noncompetitive spirit that defines this unique event.

What sets Swim and Paddle the South River apart from other events is its celebration of individuality and the acknowledgment that success comes in many forms. Swimmers are not just encouraged but commended for using fins, snorkels, or paddles—swim aids often shunned in other competitions. This emphasis on accessibility resonated with this year’s 30 registered participants, who brought their unique styles and enthusiasm to the water.

Swim and Paddle the South River’s reach expanded beyond state lines this year, with participants traveling from as far as Charleston, South Carolina, and neighboring Virginia. It was heartening to witness the gathering of like-minded individuals from different corners, all converging for a common cause.

The diversity among our participants was truly remarkable, with a wide age range represented. The youngest participant, a 15-year-old dynamo, took part in their second Crossing Currents event, having previously conquered the Bridge2Bridge 3-Miler. Meanwhile, our experienced  swimmers in their 60s demonstrated that love for the cause knows no age limit.


A Ripple of Support for Live Water Foundation

On the left, a tent by the beach displays the "live water foundation" logo. On the right, two women stand in front of pastries on a boat.

The impact of the Swim and Paddle the South River event reverberates far beyond the shorelines of the South River. As beneficiaries, Live Water Foundation is profoundly grateful for the support that will fuel our ongoing programs. The funds raised contribute directly to initiatives such as Wai Koa, our flagship program dedicated to enriching the lives of wounded military veterans and first responders. Junior Wai Koa, designed to empower historically underserved youth, and our various environmental initiatives also benefit from the generosity displayed at this event.

Your participation and contributions help to support communities, empower youth, and champion environmental stewardship. We know that our participants who depend on our programming are so grateful for your support!


A Community United through the Chesapeake Bay

Swim and Paddle the South River serves as a wonderful example of the unwavering support we have seen shape the Greater Annapolis area. The Chesapeake Bay is not just a geographical location; it’s a community bound by a shared commitment to preserving and protecting our cherished waterways. The camaraderie displayed at Swim and Paddle the South River reflects the unity behind our shared community value of safeguarding our environment and ensuring clean water for all.

Our deepest gratitude is extended to the event sponsors who helped turn this day into a reality. A special thank you goes out to Senator Dawn Gile, Delegate Andrew Pruski, Goudy Pools, GameOn, and Arundel Kids. Their generosity truly made a significant impact on our ability to continue the vital work we do at Live Water Foundation.

Among the sponsors, we were thrilled to welcome Cocoa & Pearl Bakery, a woman veteran-owned business that brought a sweet touch to the event. Picture this: pastries delivered by boat! Their delectable treats added a delightful flavor to the day and left us all with smiles.

Live Water Foundation is immensely grateful to be a part of this community, where every stroke in the water is a symbol of collective effort and shared responsibility.


Looking Ahead

As we bask in the afterglow of the 6th Annual Swim and Paddle the South River event, we extend an invitation to all who believe in the power of collective action. Join the current of change, whether by participating in events like these, supporting local initiatives, or spreading awareness about the importance of clean water. Together, we can transform ripples into waves, making a lasting impact on our communities and the world.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!


Written by Rachel Elena Bessman